The benefits of massage vary from body rejuvenation, pain alienation or achieving inner peace.
Vitality Club offers you the following types of massages:

1. Swedish relaxing massage
Relaxes the whole body, from head to toes giving a total recovery.
55 min/30 €          30 min/19 €
2. Deep tissue Sports massage
This massage reaches deep into the muscle, warming away tension and muscle fatigue.
55 min/30 €          30 min/19 €
3. Reflexology therapy
By pressing on specific points in the feet, your therapist can help locate energy blockages within pathways that lead to specific vital organs.
55 min/30 €          30 min/19 €
4. Hot Stones massage therapy
Combines traditional Swedish massage with volcanic basalt stones heat.
60 min/40 €
5. „Mother to be“ treatment
Therapeutic massage created especially for the pregnant ladies, who are ready to be spoiled in the first trimester of pregnancy. Removes insomnia, reduces edema and regulates blood pressure, creates stress relief in the joints and decreases pain sciatica.
30 min/19 €

All appointments should be done 12 hours in advance, upon availability.