Aquagym class is one of the most beneficial and safest types of workouts. Water activity knows no age limit. You can benefit of toning the entire body, improve cardiovascular and respiratory systems, eliminate pain and muscle tension.

Spinning is a cardio exercise that allows you to burn more calories and to detach yourself from the daily stress. It helps improving cardiovascular endurance and rapid muscle toning buttocks, thighs and calves. The various musical arrangements will motivate you the most, so you will not realize the time passage. Do not hesitate to participate in a very fun and energetic class that offers you an unforgettable workout!

High energy Latin and international beats. Fun for all levels including beginners to get the heart pumping and leaving you energized. So forget the work out and join the party!

Yogalates combines the toning concept with the flexibility one. In the first half of the lesson we will focus on abdominal muscles toning, buttocks and thighs. Pilates focuses on quality over quantity. In the second part are taught exercises that improve mobility and flexibility, leading to good posture and overall well.

A pure remedy for the body, mind and soul, Yoga Classes are the cure for a more healthy and vigorous shape. It has several benefits, improving the muscles flexibility and also, the function of the endocrine organs, digestion and immunity.

Total Body Workout
Total body workout or metabolism: involves all muscle groups toning, focusing on the buttock, triceps and abdomen through classical and modern exercises, selected and combined so that two or three such workouts, weekly, may lead to an enviable physical condition.

Step and butts: Class designed to accomplish the goal of every woman: a supple and toned buttock. Combines fat burning through the rhythm of tap steps with toning buttocks through most efficient exercises for them.

Thai Chi
Tai Chi is also called “Long life dance” and it is a special gymnastics, consisting of a series of coded moves to be executed slowly with dexterity and balance. It can be practiced at any age, for improving vitality, relaxation and self-defense.

The class is designed for the body general toning, focusing on the buttocks and abdomen and also on reducing the body fat. With the combination of exercises worked in a fast pace, we manage to tone and lose weight while improving the physical condition and appearance.

Is a program designed to increase endurance and strength, with short breaks between exercises, performed in a fast pace for a higher consumption of calories, ensuring the entire body’s toning.